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165 Wikipedia' s open structure inherently makes it an easy target for Internet trolls, spammers, and various forms of paid advocacy seen as counterproductive to the maintenance of a neutral and verifiable online encyclopedia. Retrieved October 10, 2006. "Why you can't cite Wikipedia in my class". "New pages patrol" is a process whereby newly created articles are checked for obvious problems. Other past and present community news publications on English Wikipedia include the "Wikiworld" web comic, the Wikipedia Weekly podcast, and newsletters of specific WikiProjects like The Bugle from WikiProject Military History and the monthly newsletter from The Guild of Copy Editors. Retrieved November 1, 2006. To increase speed further, rendered pages are cached in a distributed memory cache until invalidated, allowing page rendering to be skipped entirely for most common page accesses.

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State of Virginia, where the majority of Wikipedia' s servers are located. (See also Mobile access.) Search engines Some web search engines make special use of Wikipedia content when displaying search results: examples include Bing (via technology gained from Powerset ) and DuckDuckGo. Maher stated regarding the harassment issue that: "It establishes a sense within the community that this is a priority. Retrieved November 23, 2010. Archived from the original on August 3, 2014. Retrieved January 31, 2011. A b c Blodget, Henry (January 3, 2009). Therefore, the committee does not dictate the content of articles, although it sometimes condemns content changes when it deems the new content violates Wikipedia policies (for example, if the new content is considered biased ).

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Foundation board of trustees., an official website for wireless devices. "The Early History of Nupedia and Wikipedia: A Memoir". Retrieved February 9, 2013. 204 205 Explicit content See also: Internet Watch Foundation and Wikipedia and Reporting of child pornography images on Wikimedia Commons "Wikipedia censorship" redirects here. 64 Openness Number of English Wikipedia articles 65 English Wikipedia editors with 100 edits per month 65 Differences between versions of an article are highlighted as shown Unlike traditional encyclopedias, Wikipedia follows the procrastination principle notes 4 66 regarding the security of its content. Petrilli, Michael (Spring 2008/Vol. These other Wikimedia projects include Wiktionary, a dictionary project launched in December 2002, 338 Wik", a collection of"tions created a week after Wikimedia launched, Wikibooks, a collection of collaboratively written free textbooks and annotated texts, Wikimedia Commons, a site devoted to free-knowledge multimedia, Wikinews. Similarly, many of these universities, including Yale and Brown, gave college credit to students who create or edit an article relating to women in science or technology.

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  • MediaWiki s most famous use has been.
  • Wikipedia and, to a lesser degree, the Wikimedia Foundation s other projects.
  • Fandom, a wiki farm, runs.
  • MediaWiki.Other public wikis that run.
  • MediaWiki include wikiHow and SNPedia.

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Retrieved August 8, 2015. 276 Wikipedia publishes "dumps" of its contents, but these are text-only; as of 2007 there was no dump available of Wikipedia' s images. Permanent dead link a b Roy Rosenzweig (June 2006). Initially an English-language encyclopedia, versions in other languages were quickly developed. These issues, among others, had been parodied since the first decade of Wikipedia, notably by Stephen Colbert on The Colbert Report.

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